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Diesel Railcars
Class Wheel
Horse Power Description/Remarks/Picture
T1 Bo-2 180 British, English Electric, 6 cylinder Williams powered, electric transmission, red livery, imported 1947, coupled in twin units. Almost the same as S1 without the center coaches
T2 1A-2 230 Local conversion, Rolls-Royce under floor engine, hydro-mechanical transmission, converted from R Class steam railcars in the 1950's
Inspection Cars Inspection cars were provided by D. Wickhams, the first lot of the 1940s/50s had Ford petrol engines (later replaced with Perkins diesels) and the subsequent batch (c 1980) Perkins powered and numbered with the locomotive roster
Converted Motor Bus A team led by P.P.Wijesekera, Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Ratmalana Railway Workshop has converted two Dimo-Tata Benz motor buses (132 hp each) to run on rails. They are permanently coupled back to back.


Diesel Shunters
Class Wheel
Horse Power Description/Remarks/Picture
Y 0-6-0 530 British, Hunslet, Rolls-Royce V8 powered, hydraulic transmission, black livery, imported 1969
Y1 0-8-0 1150 Locally assembled, Paxman V12 powered hydraulic transmission, blue and red livery, assembled c.1972
G1 0-4-0 122 British, Armstrong-Whitworth, Saurer 6 cylinder powered, electric transmission, black livery, imported 1934. No 500 was the only loco of this type imported, and is now looked after in proper working order by the apprentices of the Ratmalana Workshop
G2 Bo-Bo 625 British, North British, Paxman V8 powered, electric transmission, black livery, imported 1948
ML1 B 132 Locally built, Indian 132 HP motor bus engine, Tata/Ashok. Hauls one coach in low traffic areas.
Cement Factories Each of our three Cement Factories have a 0-4-0 Deutz Loco (Deutz V16 powered, green livery). Putlam Cement Co. loco re-liveried green and red.
Diesel Locomotive Works of Varanasi India has supplied one diesel electric locomotive to the Puttalam Cement Works. It is a smaller version of the M8. This came along with some M8s in October 1997. Green and red livery.
Port Commission The Port Commission has some 4 wheel Andrew-Barclay locos and a rod coupled double bogie Andrew-Barclay 8 wheeler.

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