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The Model Railroad Club of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)  is a non profit organisation, dedicated to promoting the hobby of Model Railroading in Sri Lanka.  This was formed by a group of model railroad enthusiasts in the latter part of 1983. Since then the club has played an active role in promoting the hobby, and has been the centre for exchanging ideas and material related to railroads, model or prototype. The club has conducted five exclusive exhibitions of its own in 1987, 88, 92, 98 & 2002. Also the Club has represented in several other exhibitions. Techno 86, 87, National Transport Exhibition 1995, Thomian fair 2001 & 2005 are some of them.

Ranjan Canekeratne was the first President of the Club with Vinodh Wickremeratne as the Hony. Secretary. Since then our Presidents have been Dr. Gamini Jayasuriya, the late Kenton Simon, and the late Kumar Ponnambalam,  the current President is Mano Navaratnam.

As its activities, the Club 

  • operates a specialised library,
  • circulates a Newsletter,
  • organises rail excursions, 
  • visits railway installations
  • and conducts workshops/clinic sessions.

There is a Junior Membership category to accommodate "teens and pre-teens".

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