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Mainline Diesel Hydraulics
Class Wheel
Horse Power Description/Remarks/Picture
W1 B-B 1150 West German, Henschel/Thyssen, Paxman V12 powered, green and red livery, imported 1969. Some of these locos are now being rehabilitated and re-classified as W3.
W2 B-B 1578 East German, Karl Marx Werks, Paxman V16 powered, green and red livery, imported 1969
W3 B-B 1000  Rehabilitated W1's. Repowered with Caterpillar V12s, re-liveried blue and silver. Project undertaken by ADtranz (successors to Henschel/Thyssen) of Germany. The first rehabilitated locomotive commenced operation on April 19, 1997.


Narrow Gauge Diesels
Class Wheel
Horse Power Description/Remarks/Picture
N1 2-6-2 492 West German, Krupp, Deutz 8 cylinder powered, hydraulic transmission, red livery, imported 1953
N2 B-B 600 Japanese, Kawasaki, GM-Detroit Diesel V16 powered, hydraulic transmission, blue and red livery, imported 1973
P1 C 132 British, Hunslet, Ruston Hornsby 6 cylinder, mechanical transmission, green livery, imported 1950. One at Viharamahadevi (Victoria) Amusement Park
One Narrow Gauge N2 type locomotive was requisitioned in the early 1990's for fitting of a traction motor off a Broad Gauge loco and used at the annual "Gam Udawa" exhibitions. This worked of an Alsthom pantograph powered through a complete overhead catenary system within the exhibition grounds. This locomotive is classed E1

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