Why do we need funds?

To ensure that our vision is sustainable, we need funds. Our research projects are funded by project grants obtained through research charities. The money we collect through your donations and contributions will be reserved for the welfare activities of multiples and running of the Multiple Birth Foundation (MBF). Central welfare fund for needy families of multiples

We have witnessed families of multiples having to plead for help to support their children especially when there are triplets or quadruplets. They don’t need to beg for help. They deserve respect and care from the society. Our aim is to have a central fund to help these families. A permanent home for the MBF and SLTR.

Ultimately we would like to be in our own place, one that we can call our own home. In this home we can have necessary space for all our proposed services and activities. Our fund raising strategy is combined with a search for land and/or a house, which can be gifted to the MBF.


How do we exist?

The Sri Lankan Twin Registry is Entirly Funded by the Wellocme Trust UK

The Wellocme Trust is a non-commercial public charity supporting medical research allover the world. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Wellcome Trust second largest organistaion in the world helping medical research after USA government. We received an initial two years grant to establish the volunteer registry. Subsequently we have received a larger grant to establish a population based register in Colombo district and to establish a fully equipped genetic laboratory and also to carry out a specific research project on common mental disorders, suicide and alcohol abuse.

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