The Tamil parties have got the message. The LTTE does not want anybody else to represent the Tamils nor do they want the power in the northern and the eastern provinces be given to any other party. They will not allow anybody to make use of the LTTE to come into power. The killing of Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam was the most definite signal in that direction.

According to an article by Taraki, in the Midweek Mirror of 11th August, the Catholic Bishops in Yapanaya are working towards some understanding between the LTTE and the other Tamil racist parties such as the TULF, EPDP, EPRLF etc. The Bishops are keen to see that the other Tamil parties accept the LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamils. This means that hereafter the so-called solutions to the Tamil racist problem will be presented to the LTTE. Until now the packages and draft constitutions had been submitted to the other Tamil racist parties.

If the discussions between the UNP and the PA are concluded before October then the agreed draft will be presented to the LTTE. As the LTTE is not satisfied without a confederation this means that the next version of the 'package' will be a confederation.