The Ranagosa IV launched on Saturday the 26th has chased out the LTTE terrorists from an area of approximately 70 sq. kms. in Vanniya. It is reported that since March 6, when the Ranagosa was launched, the terrorists have been chased away from a region amounting to 1400 sq. kms.

The LTTE has suffered heavy losses including manpower and if the operations continue the armed forces should be able to defeat the terrorists. The fact that the LTTE is now very keen in having discussions with the government only confirms this. If the LTTE was strong Prabhakaran would have never agreed to initiate talks. Even now he is interested only in hoodwinking the government and establishing a confederation which is nothing but two separate states in disguise, through discussions. The so-called Tamil moderate and impartial journalists living in Canada and rest of the western world try to paint a picture of a strong LTTE in order to give the impression that the terrorists have agreed to negotiate simply because they are interested in peace. This is utter rubbish and the government should not have any talks with the terrorists and continue with the military operations and annihilate a movement that has taken up arms against the state.