Twenty five trade unions have decided to back the GMOA, the doctors' trade union, in its struggle against the Vayamba provincial council's attempt to gain more powers in appointing medical officers in the state sector. The government has failed to take any action to settle the dispute. The doctors are still on strike, as individuals, though the GMOA has requested the membership to go back to work following a court order.

Meanwhile Mr. Ashraf has said that the doctors have no right to strike, as the appointment of medical officers is a constitutional matter and not a trade union matter. However there are precedents when trade unions have taken action on such matters, as it is impossible to draw a line between constitutional and trade union matters in certain cases. In any case what right Mr. Ashraf has to speak on these matters as he is a person who goes round the country agitating against the constitution, the national anthem and the national flag?

It is clear that the provincial councils have become a burden on the people. They were introduced by the thirteenth amendment and were forced on us by India, along the lines of the states in that country. The provincial councils have only made things worse and as revealed by the strike of the doctors the administration could come to a standstill in the near future