The deputy leader of PLOTE Mr. Manikkadasan has asked its members to join the LTTE, as according to him the government has not fulfilled the so-called aspirations of the Tamil people. He is of the view that there is no point in supporting the government further. He has also spoken to the public and has said that they could not support a government that has killed many innocent Tamils.

There had been speculation earlier as to whether the PLOTE was supporting the LTTE and passing information to them. There were many who believed that Manikkadasan was at least a sympathiser of the LTTE .This clearly shows that the so-called militants who have helped the Sri Lankan army may have done so with the intention of passing off information to the LTTE.

This should not come as a surprise as we have been witnessing this phenomenon for a number of years in the cabinet itself. As long as Mr. Thondaman remains a cabinet minister, we cannot assume that he does not provide any classified information to the various Tamil groups who had earlier taken up arms against the state. Irrespective of the PLOTE joining the LTTE the government should realise that in future there should not be any reference to the so-called moderates. Even Manikkadasan was once considered to be a moderate!