The LTTE has said that it would take action if the government or any private company recommences flights to and from Yapanaya. Air traffic to Yapanaya was stopped last year ( No Air Traffic to Yapanaya )after a Lionair plane was attacked by the LTTE.

The LTTE, according to the "Divaina", has however excluded the non governmental organisations (NGO) from its hit list. This means that the LTTE has no objection if an NGO commences flights operating between Kolomba and Yapanaya.

Does it mean that the LTTE has already had talks with an NGO and is indicating that, only the particular NGO should be in control of air traffic to Yapanaya? It is well known that a number of NGO's are in sympathy with the LTTE and it may be that the LTTE is thinking of joint operation. With the talks of the LTTE having a light air craft, the authorities will have to be very cautious in granting permission to fly between Kolomba and Yapanaya.

By threatening to attack any other aircraft that is not approved by them, the LTTE has once again demonstrated that it has no concern for the welfare of the people in Yapanaya.