Mr. V. Anandasangari, senior vice president of the TULF has said in Yapanaya : " The people of Jaffna elected us to serve them and we will continue to do so. We will not be intimidated". He has said this over the killing of their Yapanaya branch secretary and Yapanaya municipal council member , Mr. Pon Mathimugaraja. Previously the LTTE had killed two mayors of Yapanaya.

It appears that the LTTE had thought that Mr. Mathimugaraja. was to be nominated by the TULF as the next mayor.It is ironical that Mr. Mathimugaraja was killed while organising activities in connection with the 11th death anniversary of Mr. M. G. Ramachandran, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, who had helped the LTTE in many ways. On one occasion Mr. Ramachandran had collected four crore rupees in one day and donated to the LTTE.

Until now the TULF had refrained from condemning the killings by the LTTE. Thus Mr. Anandasangari's brave words come as a surprise to many people. We shall wait and see if the TULF will live up to its words.