The LTTE exploded another bomb against the Tamils on Friday the 11th killing 12 persons including Mr. Pon Sivapalan the mayor of Yapanaya. Among the others killed were Major General Susantha Mendis, SSP Chandra Perera, ASP's Chandra Mohan and Sarath Fernando, Captain Prasanna Ramanayake, Works Engineer Easwaran, Ms. Mallika Rajaratnam, Police Constables Gerard and Pathmanathan.The bomb apparently has been planted about three months ago in the ceiling of a hall in Nallur, where the meetings of the Yapanaya municipal council were held. It is believed that the bomb was planted by somebody who came with the workers who did renovation work after Mrs. Yogeswaran (Yapanaya Mayoress Shot Dead)was elected as the mayor.

This is the third mayor of Yapanaya killed by the LTTE. The first to be killed was Mr. Alfred Duraiappa who was murdered by Prabhakaran himself in the seventies.It is clear that the LTTE will not allow any other party to represent the Tamils. They do not tolerate any Tamil or Tamil party which does not agree with them hundred percent.

In spite of these killings the TULF is not prepared to condemn the LTTE for the murders.(Bombs And Talks) The TULF will now find it very difficult to nominate a person as the mayor. Mr. Anandasangari has told that if there is nobody else he would talk up the mayorship and serve the people. However the question is whether the LTTE would allow him to carry on with his work.