The People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) has critisised the LTTE for sending children to the battle fields, in a communiqué. LTTE also comes under attack for the recent downing of the Lionair plane.(LIONAIR PLANE SHOT BY LTTE ) Following are some excerpts from the communiqué.

"Power mad and selfish LTTE has only thought about their power and never thought about or cared for the people. They are sending as cannon fodder children of 10, 12 years after brainwashing. These cruel people did not hesitate to shoot down Lionair plane which fulfilled the needs of our people in Jaffna inspite of many obstacle. Are these the fighters who love people? Will their leader send his son who is 10-12 years to the battlefield, in the same way they are sending children of similar age to war?"

The above needs no comment except to state that the PLOTE is also armed and that Prabhakaran was originally with the PLOT as PLOTE was called then. PLOT was one of the first organisations to take up arms in the seventies. Today PLOTE has some power in the Vavuniyava area where they have torture camps and would not tolerate the presence of the Sinhala people.