People's Liberation Organisation Of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) runs torture camps in Vavuniyava according to "The Sunday Leader'" of 6th September.This has been revealed by a youth named "Siri" who has managed to escape from one of the torture camps. Earlier "Siri" had been 'donating' money to the PLOTE but when he stopped contributing he had been taken a prisoner.

The PLOTE unlike the LTTE is a recognised political party and these allegations only bring to the surface true nature of the party. It was the PLOTE which was responsible for threatening a Sinhala teacher who went to Vavuniyava to participate in an inter school sports competition( Please refer new021.htm).While the EPDP is controlling Tirukunamalaya (Please refer new029.htm) PLOTE is in control of Vavuniyava.

These parties have joined the so-called democratic process not because of any love for democracy. They have not given up arms and in the last analysis they are a threat to the Sinhala people. They want to defeat the LTTE not for any other reason but to become the 'sole representative of the Tamils'. They are 'helping' the Sri Lankan forces only because they need the support of the forces for their survival. If not for the armed forces these parties would have been destroyed by the LTTE.