A combined police-army team on Sunday the sixteenth detected about 108 kilogrammes of RDX explosives in a house in Aladeniya close to Mahanuwara. The explosives have been apparently hidden under the grinding stone (miris gala). Two members of the LTTE who wre in the house had consumed cyanide. One of them who had pretended to be a Muslim died on the spot while the other was taken to the hospital.

The land lady of the house, who had rented a room to the tigers and her two children have been taken into custody for questioning. A van with the registration number 50-3196 also has been taken into custody. It is believed that the plan was to use the van for the explosion.

As we reported last week(Hatton Train Bomb Explosion) LTTE members have infiltrated into the upcountry area. It is essential that the police and the army comb the area to find out the safe houses used by the tigers. However the capture of Prabhakaran dead or alive remains to be the only way to stop these bomb explosions.