The LTTE on Saturday the eighth, used for the first time in the upcountry region, a mine to disrupt the train services. The mine attack was on the Mahanuwara bound train, close to the Rozella railway station in Hatton area. The blast caused extensive damage to the engine of the Badulla- Mahanuwara passenger train.

Following the incident the police rounded up about thirty suspects for questioning.However on the eleventh more than three hundred estate workers went on strike demanding the release of the suspects who were in custody. These suspects who were produced before the Hatton district judge had been remanded by a court order.

It is clear that, contrary to the statements made by Mr. S. Thondaman, the LTTE has infiltrated the estates. The fact that the workers have challenged a court order has to be considered very seriously.

Prabhakaran is only following the footsteps of Mr. S. J. V. Chelvanayakam who had wanted to establish a federal state, with power devolved to the Eastern Province , the Northern Province and the upcountry area. The Eelam is not confined to the Eastern and Northern Provinces but includes the so-called Malayanadu as well.It may be that Mr. Thondaman is contemplating of becoming the chief minister of "Malayanadu" in an Eelam.