The Kotuwa acting magistrate Mr. Kanapathipillai on Monday the tenth released P. Manikkawasagar who contributes reports to Virakesari as well as to Reuters and BBC from Vavuniyava. Mr. Manikkawasagar was produced in courts by Sgt. Mohammed Mansoor and PC. Wijewardane. No charges were made against him by the police. However the others arrested with Mr. Manikkawasagar continued to be detained under emergency regulations. Please refer to" Two Virakesari Journalists Arrested. "

This incident demonstrates that the police has acted according to the regulations, contrary to the opinion created by the NGO backed media people. The police having inquired into the matter has come to the conclusion that Mr. Manikkawasagar was not involved with the LTTE. However the police are still investigating into the LTTE links the other suspects may have had and it is nothing but fair to give them more time to inquire into the matter.