Two journalists from the newspaper Virakesari were arrested recently on suspicion of having LTTE links. Mr. S. Sri Gajan had been working in the Kolomba office, while Mr. P. Manikkawasagar has been the Vavuniyawa correspondent. After the arrest of these two journalists Mr. P. V. Manikkawasagar, a native of Madakalapuwa who had been working in the technical department of the paper had also been arrested on suspicion. The latter had taken leave after the two journalists were arrested.

Meanwhile the NGO backed media people have started a campaign to get the journalists released. While admitting the fact they may be innocent the police have to be given sufficient time to conduct a proper inquiry. With so many LTTE activists within the Kolomba city limits one cannot take chances. The media personalities involved have already come to the conclusion that their colleagues have no links with the LTTE.

This is ridiculous.How did they come to that conclusion. Let the police conduct the inquiry and release the journalists if they are innocent.