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  Should Homosexuality Be Legalized in Sri Lanka?

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Author Topic:   Should Homosexuality Be Legalized in Sri Lanka?
Arron posted May 22, 2000 04:13 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Arron   Click Here to Email Arron     Edit Message
In Sri Lanka, it is very common - not in public, but behind the wall - men having sex with boys/men. But, most- nearly 90%- of our men and women are straights. Guys, in their adulthood, as they can't have sexual funs with girls, they do it with their same sex friends or they molest young boys sexually. They are not gays ( Gay - Homosexuals), but they don't mind doing it with guys. Such behaviour is called Bisexuals ( Bisexuals - guys/ girls who have sex with their sex mates and the opposites as well.). The boys who are in their adolescent have such erection that they can't get rid of. They are being used by the young adult and older men for their sexual needs. They don't really know that is very harmful. Some take it easy and forget it in the long run, and some suffer. When they come to a certain age, they do the same mistake. They molest another young adolescent. So, it's like a cycle. When they marry, they won't even think about having sex with another male ( in most cases.). But, when their wives get older, they won't allow their husbands to have sex with. So, again, they turn for guys. But, this time they won't be able to get pretty mature / young adolescents. So, they go for very young boys.
Those old men molest them - harm them sexually. Tear their sweat dreams. Some victims will be alright, but some get affected mentally. They lose their self esteem. They fear to face the world. Always will remain in dark. Don't show up any progress in school activities. Simply saying, they will become a bunch of social out-casts. Whose fault? Our men's. Of course it is.
There are cases like guys who were molested by adults in their childhood / adolescent have turned to be completely gays. They don't have sex with women, but with men. Some do it with both, but after a certain age ( probably after 40), they get divorce and will look for a male pal. Some will keep both sexes at the same time. This is said to be bisexuals. Some are straights. They do it with their opposite sexes only. Not only this reason causes the increase in the gay community, but also many other reasons take part in their lives and bring them into this world - the gay world which is less respected by Sri Lankans. Even some of the Sri Lankans have absolutely no idea about that. It is not only in Sri Lanka, but also around the world.
If you take Canada for instance, here the country has freed the community to be however they want to be. Being a homosexual is legal in Canada. You can marry a same sex partner. Nearly all the benefits that the straight couples get are available for homosexual / gay couples. It is legal in most of the countries, but not in Sri Lanka and in some other countries.
Suppose you are a gay. You are being forced to marry a girl. As you have no choice, you marry her. You can't refuse it. You can't say it out. You can't enjoy the sex with her. She will not be satisfied sexually by you coz you are a gay. You will get your mind scratched. Eventually, your marriage will end up with divorce. There are some guys suffering in this way. I just explain what is happening around the world.... If somebody found to be a homosexual, his/her choice has to be respected. It is no sin of being a gay or a lesbian. Our community doesn't tend to think about it and remain harming the ones who are identified as gays. In Sri Lanka, if a guy found with femme characteristics, he's being teased, harassed and mocked that " PONDS". Nobody understands the particular individuals' feelings. Similar behaviours caused the recent disaster in an American High School - Columbine High School. If he has femme'ness, it's not his fault. He's probably a gay. You let him go on his way. His rights has to be respected. Being a gay is just like being a straight. Gays don't make sex with everybody who has penis and a butt-hole. They have love - they will fall in love - they have personal choices etc. I really wonder why Sri Lankans are harming gays. They should think. If any problems arise, the political parties try to benefit from them. For instance, the political parties are benefitting from the war. Instead of bringing the war to an end, they are making it worser as they can come to the power using the war. It may happen for gays. The country should change the rule. The country rely on the Buddhist Monks even if any new laws to be introduced. They don't agree. Monks say, it is shame of having such a law in Sri Lanka [ what a stupidness - this helps the country to be on the top of the world economically :-)]. Very narrow minded. The funny part is, the monks say that it is inappropriate to have such a law, but they keep molesting young boys behind the wall. It's so pathetic. Sri Lankans should change in many ways.
If homosexuality is legalized in Sri Lanka, the country may have less child abuse cases. Gay clubs, night clubs etc may be opened. Gays can seek partners by visiting the clubs. Kids will have some idea about homosexuality. Since having sex with a male is considered as a criminal offense in Sri Lanka, some men molest boys to give a relief for their sex thurst. Legalizing homosexuality may prevent these incidents.

Foreign paedophiles come to Sri Lanka to destroy our cute little princes' glorious future. The govenrment announces that it prevents young boys from sexual abuses, but it's still happening under-ground. It gives a bad picture for all Sri Lankans. What foreigners think about us is 'Sri Lankan boys sell their body for money'. The pathetic part is some of our damn men are selling our little princes' to make money.

The Sri Lankan government should legalize homosexuality in Sri Lanka, and it should make arrangements to teach 'sex education - including homosexuality' in all schools country wide. The government should make sure about the safety of the youth population of the country.

lanka_s posted May 22, 2000 05:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lanka_s     Edit Message

This is indeed an important topic. But I don't think it belongs in this forum. You might get better responses to it if you can convince the infolanka management to open a new public forum for this topic.

Good luck.

thadhasinhalaya posted May 22, 2000 06:09 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for thadhasinhalaya   Click Here to Email thadhasinhalaya     Edit Message
I agree with Lanka_s ... it's a topic that merits discussion but also consider the raft of problems that legalisation may bring ...I am sure that those who live in countries where it is open and accepted know what I mean

Henry posted May 22, 2000 07:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Henry   Click Here to Email Henry     Edit Message

[This message has been edited by Henry (edited November 17, 2001).]

lanka_s posted May 22, 2000 10:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lanka_s     Edit Message

What are you going on about? Have you even read the topic before posting your usual pr puff?

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