weligama batu moju
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Posted by darshika

1 lb egg plant (vambatu)
1/2 lb small red onions or pearl onions
1/4 small dried prawns (shrimp)
1/4 lb small green chillies cut in the middle
10 cloves of finely chopped (paste)garlic
2 table spoon of crushed dried red chillies
1/3 cup of coconut vinegar
3 tsp pf finely powdered black mustard seed
5 full tsp of sugar
1 piece of rampe
2 leaves of kara pincha
2 cloves (chopped)
2 cardamoms(chopped)
Salt to taste
coconut or veg oil to deep fry

Cut egg plant into thin slices and deep fry, drain and keep aside. fry small onions for about 2mnts and then fry green chillies for about 30 seconds drain and keep aside. Fry fried shrimps for 45 seconds. Then saute crushed red chillies for 15 sedconds and fry rampe and karapincha for about 15 seconds. drain, keep all fried stuff aside. Mix garlic mustard,cardamom,cloves and sugar to gether with vinegar boil for 1 and 1/2 minute. take from fire and put all fried stuff. Add salt to taste. Mix well.Keep till cool. This taste better after one day.
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