The Hardest Part - Climbing Down !! ( Sigiriya )
Photo and Text by Siri
Imagine the climb to the summit of the giant monolith, many centuries ago, with no hand rails or foot holds. Imagine also a sudden monsoon rainstorm that can make the rock surface slippery and treacherous. Yet the people have been doing exactly that for generations.

Today the visitor to the Sigiriya can expect all the luxuries of a modern tourist destination. Sprawling on a beautifully landscaped 23 acres of land, in the "Sigiriya Village" there are clusters of rooms for over-night stay, decorated with different themes, a farm to grow the freshest vegetables for guest's consumption, a children's center with a resident nurse, a medical center and a fitness center with a jogging track. In the evenings the "Village" also provide entertainment with a local flavor by local artists.

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