On the recent attacks between LTTE groups in London at a Cricket festival, where a youth was shot in the leg, the foreign ministry spokesman Mr. Ravinatha Ariysinghe has said, "we are not surprised by this turn of events. This only goes to prove what the Sri Lanka Government has cautioned over the years, urging the British Government to take some action before something catastrophic like this was to happen. What we are now seeing in London, is only a repeat of what has previously happened in India, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, France, Switzerland and several other countries."

According to reports received later London is not willing to ban the LTTE. The authorities have said that the attacks in London on the bank holiday could be categorised as criminal but not terrorist. The attacks according the English law could be identified as criminal but this happened at a so-called cricket festival organised to raise funds for terrorist activities in Sri Lanka. The fact that Britain is not prepared to take any action against the LTTE stems from their support for Tamil racism, which they baptised as far back as in 1833.