The government and the UNP have agreed to consult the Tamil racist parties on how a referendum should be conducted in order to link the northern and the eastern provinces and to establish regional councils. This agreement has been reached at a meeting between the UNP and the government under the auspices of the so-called business community led by Mr. Lalith Kotelawala.

It is clear that both the UNP and the PA are trying to find out ways to sell the country to the Tamil racists. There may be different ways of formulating the question or questions to be put the people at a referendum but there is only one way to conduct a referendum. A referendum has to be conducted in the entire country and cannot be confined to part of the country.

It is not clear that the so-called business community is maneuvering to hold the referendum only in the eastern province. This is against the constitution but these people who have links with various churches and non-governmental organisations, appear to be determined to establish a separate state for Tamil racists.