Hundreds of villagers of Kudapokuna in Welikanda close to Polonnaruwa have begun to flee after the police post providing security to the village was removed on Wednesday the 11th, according to "The Island" of Monday the 16th. The isolated village had been attacked twice by the LTTE during the past four years killing many civilians and security personnel.

No sooner the police post was removed, seven LTTE armed terrorists had come to the police post premises. They have gone round the village announcing that they were the rulers of the village and that the people should live according to the rules dictated by them. The terrorists have gone round looking for seven villagers including the Grama Niladhari Mr. M. Meera Mohideen.

Meanwhile the police has claimed that the police post was not removed but only shifted to another village about two kilometers away. This incident only reveals that the police has not acted with foresight and that there has been no proper coordination. However such incidents lead to disastrous consequences and the LTTE is only eagerly waiting for them.