BOAT MISSING (99 Aug 04)

A boat carrying more than 25 civilians in the Yapanaya lagoon is reported to be missing. The civilians had been on their way to Yapanaya from the Wanniya. The Navy said that people in the area were used to sail regularly in the lagoon using small boats.

People in the uncleared regions of Wanniya face hardships due to the closure of supply routes by the LTTE. So far the attempts by the government to open a new route have not been successful. Mr. Laxman Kadirgamer said that if the LTTE does not agree to open a new supply route the government would have to force their way in.

Meanwhile the government has taken all the necessary steps to see that the G. C. E. (Advanced Level) that commenced on Monday the second would not be affected as a result of the closure of the supply route. The question papers have been sent by sea and the supervisors at the examination centres have been properly instructed on conducting the examination.