Three people were killed and twenty eight were injured when the LTTE exploded another bomb in Madakalapuwa on 14th July. The bomb that had been tied to a bicycle exploded near the Madakalapuwa police station killing a man and a woman on the spot. Police had identified the dead man as Albert Sabapathy, 60 years of age.

It is believed that the LTTE had targeted the group of policemen who were to go on vacation leave in a bus. However the policemen were having tea at the time of explosion. As a result of the explosion two busses and five shops have been damaged.

The indiscriminate killings of the LTTE can be stopped only by defeating them militarily and not by having peace talks with or without third parties. The LTTE has been killing Sinhala people as well as Tamils and has been dictatorial and bloodthirsty. Recently they ordered the politician to move out from the Eastern province and ironically even the TULF member Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham, who is a well-known sympathiser of the LTTE, had to leave Madakalapuwa as a result.