The UNP demonstration against the PA for not abolishing the executive presidency was attacked by the police and thugs. It is believed that the Presidential Security Division (PSD) was also involved in the attack and that there were thugs in the UNP demonstration.

The demonstration by the UNP on Thursday the 15th illustrates the hypocrisy of party politics in Sri Lanka. The UNP, which introduced the executive presidency to the country, demonstrates against the PA for not abolishing the system. However there is no categorical statement from the UNP to the effect that they are against the system. On the otherhand the PA came into power promising to abolish the executive presidency specifically before the 15th of July 1995. However after four years they are yet to bring legislation before the Parliament to abolish the executive presidential system.

The UNP is now scheduled to stage another demonstration on the 22nd, against the attack of their previous demonstration.