According to the "Divaina" of seventh July, the LTTE has gone on a killing spree on the fifth and sixth of July to commemorate the so-called black tiger day. They have set fire to vans transporting people and killed five people including a constable in Mannarama, Ampara and Anuradhapura districts. Many more people are reported be under critical condition.

In Uyilankulama in the district of Mannarama the terrorists have fired at a truck carrying constables killing the driver of the truck. At Thanthirimale in the Anuradhapura district, the LTTE terrorists have fired at a bus transporting people and then set fire to it. Two of the passengers are critically injured. In the Ampara district the terrorists have attacked the village Kehelhinna killed three people and set fire to two vans killing the driver of one of them.

These are not an isolated incidents but the "humanitarians" and the western agencies are silent over these killings. They will go on reminding of a so-called black July but the killings by the LTTE are ignored. Those "scholars" who wrote "Buddhism Betrayed" and other such books will neither ask nor answer the question whether it is permitted in Hinduism and Christianity to kill innocent people in this manner. However, with all these killings there are people like Bishop Rayappu Joseph of the Mannarama district who will say that the LTTE is for peace