Eleven innocent Sinhala people who were going in a van for a musical show in the Padavi- Parakramapura army camp were killed by the LTTE at Kiriibbanwewa on Monday the 31st of May. The LTTE terrorists have fired at the van near the wewa and about twenty people who were traveling in the van had jumped out and started running away. But 11 people including 5 women have died on the spot. The others have been injured and it is reported that 5 of them are in a critical state. One of the injured is a 12 year old schoolgirl from the Kiriibbanwewa Vidyalaya.

The LTTE attack in Weli oya area has taken place after several years and the people in that area have become insecure again. Weli oya is strategically placed at the border of the eastern and northern provinces and the Tamil racists in general have been demanding that the government should dismantle the Weli oya scheme. The LTTE has killed these innocent people, most of whom are between the ages of 17 and 25, with the ultimate objective of chasing out the Sinhala people from the Weli oya area.