The LTTE on Sunday the 30th of May has accepted the body of the suicide bomber who blew up the army officer Muthulingam Ganeshakumar of the Sri Lanka National Guard (SLNG) the previous day. The body has been handed over by the Sri Lanka Red Cross. It is said that this is the first time that the LTTE had accepted the body of a suicide bomber.

Mr. Ganeshakumar had joined the SLNG in 1996. Before that he had been with the EPRLF, which came to power in the provincial council of the north and east provinces, for twelve years. The General Secretary of the EPRLF Mr. Premachandran has said that he had been against Mr. Ganeshakumar joining the army. Mr. Ganeshakumar had commanded about 200 Tamil soldiers attached to the SLNG battalions.

There have been complaints by the Tamil racists that the army is a Sinhala army and that no Tamil soldiers are recruited. However there have been Tamil soldiers in the army and even recently the army called for applications especially from the Tamils. But there were no applicants and it is clear that the Tamil racists are as usual misleading the public. On one hand they complain that the army is a Sinhala army and on the other hand they prevent the Tamils from joining the army or kill those who have joined.