The North and East coordinator of the Sri Lanka Red Cross society (SLRC) Mr. Sivanathan Kishore has been arrested by the army for allegedly sending some banned items to the LTTE through an SLRC driver. Both Mr. Kishore and the driver have been handed over to the police for further questioning. As a consequence of the arrest the SLRC has suspended Mr. Kishore.

It is learnt the the driver has transported restricted items that included powerful communication sets, sophisticated electronic items, and vehicle spare parts. Apparently the driver has implicated Mr. Kishore. In the meantime Dr. Jayalath Jayawardane who went to Madu to have talks with the LTTE has come into the assistanve of Mr. Kishore. Dr. Jayawardane has said that Mr. Kishore had been helping in humanitarian work.

It is wrong to come to conclusions without a proper inquiry. However it is the general feeling among the Sinhala people that the SLRC is engaged in work other than the so-called humanitarian work. Unless the government has a proper inquiry regarding the SLRC and take necessary action the future of the country is uncertain.