"The Island" of 21st April reported that the LTTE terrorists suffered heavy losses on Monday the nineteenth and the previous Sunday. According to the newspaper report the terrorists had been hit in the Yapanaya lagoon when they made an abortive bid to storm the isolated Kilali patrol base on Monday night. A navy headquarters spokesman had said that five to ten boats had moved in the direction of the patrol base while terrorists based at the Wanni mainland fired artillery and long range mortars.

On Sunday night the police had inflicted heavy losses on a special terrorist group engaged in attacking security targets in the Mannarama area. These are not isolated incidents and it is clear that the tigers have lost their teeth. If not for the "piece" vendors and the so-called moderate Tamils who would like to have an Eelam without Prabhakaran albeit with his aid the LTTE would have been defeated by now. The "piece" vendors and the other Tamil racist parties protect the LTTE with their campaign for democratic rights for the terrorists.