The Tamil racist political parties appear to be divided over the holding of elections to the local government bodies (the pradeshiya sabhas and the urban councils) in the eastern province. The terms of these councils ended early this month and the government has appointed special commissioners to run them.

The TULF insists that the situation in the eastern province, especially in the district of Madakalapuwa is not conducive for elections. However the general secretary of the EPRLF, Mr. Suresh Premachandran insists that the elections should be held and that they would join the Tamil political parties other than the TULF to campaign for elections.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has requested the commissioner of elections to hold election at least in the areas where the terrorist threat is minimal.

The Tamil racist parties should realise that as long as Prabhakaran lives he has no respect for any kind of democracy and that there is no possibility of having elections in certain areas. However it is these parties which keep Prabhakaran going with their indirect support given to him. If they are really interested in elections they should unite to defeat Prabhakaran militarily.