Tamil racists living in the other countries have been agitating that the NATO and the west in general should intervene in Sri Lanka following the example in Kosovo. They have written to the newspapers in the countries they live telling the world for the millionth time that the Tamils are massacred in Sri Lanka and that the west should act immediately. However these people come on vacation to Sri Lanka and go back to their respective countries having enjoyed everything that the country offers them including the freedom to bash the Sinhala people.

However what they have overlooked is the fact that the argument that the west should intervene in Sri Lanka is not correct. The west, especially the British are responsible for Tamil racism in Sri Lanka. In any case it is wrong to ask external powers to intervene. If NATO or some other western forces come to Sri Lanka India will not keep quiet ( this might change with a western backed Sonia Gandhi coming to power). Whether India also get entangled or not after a foreign force arrives it would be very difficult to send them back. We have the experience of the IPKF in this regard. So a person who invites a foreign force is really a traitor to the country.

On the other hand the logic and comparison is wrong. NATO has got involved in Serbia apparently because the Serbs have engaged in ethnic cleansing. The west claims that the Serbs drove away the ethnic Albanians and the NATO has intervened under the pretext of stopping this ethnic cleansing.

In Sri Lanka if there is a person who can be charged with ethnic cleansing then it is none other than Prabhakaran. The ethnic cleansing by the LTTE is so much successful that today there are no Sinhala people or Muslims living in Yapanaya peninsula. In the other parts of the country Tamils and the Muslims have no problem in living with the Sinhala people. Therefore if the Tamil racists are keen to draw a parallel with Serbia then they should invite the west to send forces to defeat Prabhakaran, bomb the Vanni jungles,stop the ethnic cleansing project of the LTTE and settle the Sinhala people and the Muslims in Yapanaya.