Five Tamil racist parties, some of whom claim that they are moderates, have decided to agitate against what they call "massive state aided colonization projects" in Thirikunamalaya. This decision has been taken at a meeting, held in Kolomba, of representatives of the TULF, EPDP, PLOTE, TELO, and the EPRLF. These parties have been represented by Messrs. Raviraj, Douglas Devananda, D. Siddharthan, A. Adaikalanathan and Suresh Premachandrqan respectively.

The massive state aided colonisation projects are nothing but settlements of Sinhala people who first went there in the beginning of the century voluntarily and then the settlements by the government in the fifties. In any case there is no ground for objection to any kind of settlement of Sinhala people anywhere in the country and especially in the present eastern province.

The regions that come under the present eastern province have always been under the Sinhala kings until they were occupied by the Europeans. Even during the Dutch period except for a few places in the eastern coast the rest came under the Mahanuwara kings. It was only after the defeat of the 1817-18 Sinhala independence struggle by the British massacring the Sinhala population in the Uva Wellassa region that the colonial rulers changed the demographic pattern of the present eastern province by settling Tamils mainly along the coastal region. The Sri Lankan government is not bound by the demographic patterns established by the British and the government has every right, if they want, to settle Sinhala people in the eastern province. Anybody against any Sinhala settlement is only upholding the policy of the British imperialists who baptised and nurtured Tamil racism in Sri Lanka, and is denying the rights of the Sinhala people. This incident exposes once again the racism of the so called moderate Tamil parties.