MADU RESCUED (99 Mar 24)

The government troops rescued the Madu church area from the LTTE terrorists on Monday the twenty second. For a number of years the LTTE had occupied the area surrounding the Madhu shrine sacred to the Catholics.

It was a great victory for the operation "Rana Gosa" to rescue the Madu church area.The LTTE has not resisted much indicating that they have problems with manpower. This victory once again clearly shows that the LTTE can be defeated militarily contrary to what the international media try to project.

The peace mongers were busy during the past few months requesting the government to restart negotiations with the LTTE. People like Dr. Jayalath Jayawardane and the leading lights of the Christian and the Catholic churches were busy in Madu area finding out ways and means of recommencing negotiations. Now that the sacred areas have been cleared of the LTTE, some of the peace mongers will have to work over time to achieve their end.