A number of envoys representing the western countries have expressed their dissatisfaction at the bill to register and oversee the activities of the NGOs. They have told the president Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga at a dinner held in the Temple Trees that they will have to rethink about the aid given to Sri Lanka if the government goes ahead with the bill.

The so-called Non Governmental Organisations are not really non government. They are financed by the governments as well as the political parties of the western countries. They are really instruments of the western governments, and are used to control the activities in the Asian, African and Latin American countries. The governments of these countries are not given the freedom to deal with these organisations by the western countries.

The west while controlling directly the governments in the so-called third world, is also engaged in maneuvering the agitations against the governments through the NGOs and the civil societies, which are nothing but political conscious NGOs.

In Sri Lanka the NGOs are on the side of Tamil racism and they have been used to take the G.L.-Neelan package to the people. Now these NGOs are turning towards the UNP as the PA has failed to please the Tamil racists. It is very clear that the west has decided to ditch the PA government in favour of a UNP government. However the presidential system has kept the government in power and the dissatisfaction expressed by the western envoys is nothing but a threat to the government headed by Ms. Kumaratunga.