Recently in Kolomba a number of mini bombs have been exploded by the LTTE. It was started with a mini bomb in a Padukka bound train in the night which did not carry any passengers. The most recent attack has been that on the Inspector Nilabdeen of the Galkissa police. Two suicidal members of the LTTE jumped on to a vehicle in which the Inspector was traveling. Four people including the suicidal terrorists were killed and the Inspector and five others have been injured as a result.

Some believe that the LTTE has changed its tactics from big bombs to smaller ones in order to avoid the international opinion going against them. This assumes that the international community is not against mini bombs killing a few people at a time and making damages to the economy. If that is the case then that is something to be studied in depth.

In any case the LTTE seems to have learnt from the IRA bombings in London and it could be that the LTTE which has suffered heavy losses in the recent past is trying to keep the moral of their cadres by resorting to these activities.