LTTE TAXES (99 Mar 10)

The Yapanaya commander has told the "Divaina" that the LTTE has ordered its activists in Yapanaya to collect taxes (kappan)to the tune of Rs. ten million from the people. He is of the view that the LTTE has resorted to getting kappan to remind the people of Yapanaya of their presence.

The Yapanaya people are getting used to a civilian administration slowly but steadily and the LTTE in order to sabotage the process has resorted to various acts against the people. A fascist organisation that uses people as a human shield has no sympathy for the people. They are only interested in power and will do anything including mass murders to achieve their objective.

Those who talk of weaning the Tamils away from the LTTE depend on the classical theory of guerilla activities where the guerillas are supposed to be fish in a sea of people. In the case of the LTTE it is not the case and the people support them only because they are terrorised. The only way to free the people of Yapanaya is by defeating them militarily.