The security forces on Saturday the sixth launched a new operation code named "Rana Gosa" which has by now cleared the areas Vannivilankulam, Mundumrippu, Iranai, Illuppaikulam and Poovarasankulam. According to a military spokesman, nearly 10,000 civilians have remained in these areas after the security forces moved in. The area comprises 24 villages belonging to 17 grama niladhari divisions.

The north is relatively quiet these days amidst moves by various organisations mainly financed by the NGOs to get the government involved in talks with the LTTE. In fact there was speculation in Kolomba on secret talks between some army members and the LTTE. However the Yapanaya Security Forces Commander has told "The Island" that he was unaware of such talks. He has further said that it is not correct for any individual army officer to have talks with the LTTE.

There is no point in having talks with the LTTE or any group that upholds the Thimpu conditions. The Thimpu conditions have no historical or other basis and peace can be achieved only by defeating the LTTE militarily and Tamil racism politically and ideologically.