"The Island" of 19th February reported that last week a delegation of the Action Group of Tamils in Colombo (AGOTIC) met Mr. David Tatham, the British high commissioner in Sri Lanka and had "discussions on the possibilities of western governments pressurising the Sri Lankan government to change its strategies of continuing the war in the North and East and commence negotiations with the tigers to bring the war to an end". According to a press release by Mr. Vijayasingham the president of AGOTIC his organisation has also met Mr. Menon, the Indian high commissioner, Mr. Likka Uusitale, ambassador of the European union and Mr. Hadgins, advisor to the Canadian high commissioner and had requested them "to play a more meaningful role".

What the AGOTIC has done is to request the foreign governments to interfere in our activities. They have specially asked the British high commissioner to apply pressure on the Sri Lankan government to stop all operations against the LTTE and start negotiations with them. It is unfortunate that Tamil racism is again collaborating with the British to suppress the Sinhala people their culture and then to divide the country.

Tamil racism has always collaborated with the British and the British have always used Tamil racists against the Sinhala people. For example governor Manning connived with the Tamil leaders such as Mr. Ponnambalam Ramanathan against franchise and more representation in the legislature. The British created Tamil racism ( An Introduction to Tamil Racism in Sri Lanka ) and used it to their advantage.

Mr. Vijayasingham and the AGOTIC are only following the footsteps of their political uncles and grand uncles.