LTTE FOR TALKS (99 Feb 17)

According to a so-called inter religious group that visited Wanniya to meet Thamil Chelvam and Karikalan on Wednesday the tenth the LTTE is prepared to talk with the government. Apparently they are concerned of the deaths as a result of the so-called war.They have also said that they are sorry for bombing the Dalada Maligawa.

The delegation included the Bishop Kenneth Fernando and some Buddhist Bhikkus and Dr. Tissa Witharana. It is well known that though the were Bhikkus in the delegation the idea and the strategy came from the Anglican church. The Bhikkus have been taken for a ride and the Bishop who is a well known sympathiser of Tamil racism and the LTTE is the man behind the visit. The Bishop has been involved with talks with the LTTE earlier and according to him Prabhakaran is a humane person.

People cannot be fooled by these visits of "inter- religious " groups and the only way to have peace in the country is by annihilating the LTTE militarily and defeating Tamil racism politically.