The Ruhunu Dharma Yathra organised by the Ruhunu Rata Bhikshu Peramuna and the Ruhuna Jathika Ekabaddha Peramuna has been a tremendous success. The Dharma Yathra consisting of a motorcade and a procession of boats commenced on the 31st of January from the Raja Maha Vihara of Kelaniya. It reached Kirinda historic vihara on the 4th of February.

The people came to watch the Dharma Yathra in thousands along the route from Kelaniya to Kirinda and were very enthusiastic about the concept of a Buddhist state. Even non Buddhists were there to welcome the Dharma Yathra and at the concluding meeting held in Kirinda a Muslim also spoke supporting the idea of reestablishing the Buddhist state that was lost in 1815.

Having experienced violence at elections without gaining anything people have come to realise the limitations and the pitfalls of the present system. They are looking for alternatives and a Buddhist state in which both Buddhists and non-Buddhists live in peace appears to be the most viable solution.