The "Divaina" on Wednesday the tenth reported that as a result of clashes between PLOTE and TELO in Vavunia three TELO members and one other person had died. Both these groups like some others were terrorist groups fighting for Eelam. They were defeated by the LTTE in a power struggle and had to seek help from the government. They have joined the so-called parliamentary politics but both these groups like the EPDP are still armed.

There have been clashes between the PLOTE and the TELO over "taxes" collected from the business people in Vavunia. The collecting of the so-called taxes from business people is illegal but the Tamil racist groups continue to collect taxes.

On the 8th of February the clashes had apparently reached a maximum, and PLOTE members had attacked a vehicle carrying a few TELO members, in Kurumankadu, near Vavunia.

The survival of the government depends the votes of the Tamil racist parties in the parliament and therefore is reluctant to take action against them. These groups have to be disarmed to achieve any freedom to the country. There will be no peace in the country without defeating and disarming these groups as well the LTTE.