PC ELECTIONS (99 Feb 10)

The elections to the Provincial Councils of the Western, North Central, Central, Uva and Sabaragamuwa provinces have been fixed for the 1st of April 1999, by the commissioner of elections Mr. Dayananda Dissanayake. The announcement of the date came after the supreme court gave an order to hold the PC elections. These elections, which had been fixed for the 28th of August last year were postponed indefinitely under emergency regulations.

It would be interesting to see how the political parties set about for the elections in the aftermath of the Vayamba Provincial Council elections. In the meantime the UNP and some other groups are demanding that the elections to the Vayamba PC be declared null and void. On Tuesday the 9th the UNP walked out from the chamber of the parliament after shouting slogans and displaying placards in protest of Vayamba violence.. The government party had come prepared with their own placards and the parliament had to be adjourned for about half an hour.

It is clear that we are gradually coming to the limit of the parliamentary system and unless an alternative is found the future appears to be very bleak.