The elections to the Vayamba provincial council was marked by violence. Already the opposition parties have said that the members elected from their parties will not take part in the meetings of the provincial council. The PA won 30 seats while the UNP and the JVP won 19 and 3 respectively.

The leader of the PA in Vayamba, Mr. S. B. Nawinna has said that despite the boycott by the other parties he and his group will carry on with the work in the provincial council. It is expected that Mr. Nawinna will be appointed as the chief minister of the Vayamba provincial council.

However, there will be petitions before the supreme court against the elections of the PA members. Already the Commissioner of elections had admitted that he had to remove about fifty thousand votes before counting was started as they were proved to be irregular.

It is a sad state of affairs and the corruption and violence have been increasing (see Vayamba Violence and Party Politics ) with every election in the recent past.