Mr. Vardharajah Perumal, the former chief minister of the provincial council of the northern and eastern provinces is reported to have arrived in Kolomba on the fourteenth of January. A member of the EPRLF, he fled to India on or about tenth of March 1990, having unilaterally declared Eelam on the first of March 1990.

The EPRLF was supported by the Indian army, then in Sri Lanka and Mr. Perumal and his colleagues in the provincial council created a so-called Tamil national army with the help of the Indians. When Mr. Perumal had to flee after declaring Eelam the Indian government took custody of him.

It is not known why Mr. Perumal is back in Sri Lanka. However, there is speculation that the Sri Lankan government has sponsored his visit. Some newspapers go to the extent of saying that he will be given a portfolio in the government. It would be interesting to see how the LTTE would react to the presence of Mr. Perumal in the country. The government , if it has sponsored his visit is only complicating matters.