The villagers in Kottala, Hanguranketa believe that Mr. R. Premadasa has been reborn in their village according to the "Divaina". Sampath Nuwan Bandara, the second son of Mr. W. M. Ranasingha Banda and Mrs. G. W. Wimalawathie born on the 2nd of September 1997 has been making statements which corroborates with details of Mr. Premadasa's life. Mr. Premadasa was killed on the 1st of May 1993.

Little Sampath Nuwan, for example has said his wife was Ema, (Hema is Mrs. Premadasa's first nake) and his daughter was Dula (Dulanjali is the first name of Mr. Premadasa's daughter). He had wanted his money (mage Thalli) , a reference to the coins on which Mr. Premadasa's picture appears.

He has further said that his name is Premadasa and that he is from Kenwatta,(reference to Kehelwatta) and that while he was coming, Baba (Babu ?) came and there was a loud explosion and he fell.

Many people are going to Hanguranketa to have a glimpse of Sampath Nuwan.