The government has decided to nominate Dr. Lal Jayawardene as the Sri Lanka's new High Commissioner in London. If he is eventually appointed it will be to advantage of the Tamil racists as both Dr. Jayawardene and his wife Dr. Kumari Jayawardene are known anti Sinhala campaigners with NGO links.

Dr. Lal Jayawardene was a former director of the United Nations Institute, WIDER, based in Helsinki. As the director he sponsored the publication of "Buddhism Betrayed" by Prof. S. J. Thambiah. The "Buddhism Betrayed" blamed the Buddhists, especially the Maha Sangha for all the problems associated with Tamil racism. It gave a wrong picture claiming that the Tamils are discriminated by the Sinhala Buddhists.

Dr. Jayawardene as director of WIDER also has financed Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga while she was in London, to carry out a project, details of which are not disclosed. Dr. Kumari Jayawardene is a leading member of the Social Scientists' Association (SSA) in Sri Lanka, an NGO, engaged in anti Sinhala activities. The publications of the SSA by a set of Tamil racists who quote each other attempt to discredit the Sinhala people especially the Sinhala Buddhists.

The appointment of Dr. Lal Jayawardene as the High Commissioner in London will be worse than the appointment of Mr. Vasantha Rajah as the Chairman of the Rupavahini Corporation.