One of the members of the South African delegation of parliamentarians, Dr. Kisten Rajoo, according to "Divaina" at a press conference held in Yapanaya has said that if the Tamil parties get together then they can defeat the Sri Lankan armed forces. The South African delegation was in Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Sri Lankan government.

Dr. Rajoo represented the Inkhata Freedom Party and is deputy chairman of the National Assembly. Dr. Rajoo after going back to South Africa has told "The Sunday Times" that they could not meet the LTTE representatives and until that is accomplished they would not come to any conclusions.Soon after going back he has addressed a meeting of the pro LTTE groups in South Africa.

It is clear that Dr. Rajoo a Tamil from South Africa is strongly in favour of Tamil racism. The government of Sri Lanka while trying to give the correct picture to the foreigners should be careful in sending the invitations. There is no point inviting supporters of Tamil racism to Sri Lanka on our people's money and getting them to advise the Tamil racist parties.