The latest to join the peace bandwagon is Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala the United Nations under secretary general. Recently he has lobbied Colombo based foreign diplomats to invite UN mediation , according to "The Sunday Times."

At present he is in Sri Lanka on a private visit, and has told "The Sunday Times" that he has acted in his personal capacity. One of the high commissioners had told Mr. Dhanapala that his country would not support for UN intervention on the grounds that the issue was an internal matter of Sri Lanka.

Why does Mr. Dhanapala want the UN to intervene in the internal matters of Sri Lanka.This is exactly what the LTTE wants to do. That is to externalise, the Tamil problem in some parts of the East and the North. On the other hand If Mr. Dhanapala is very keen to end the so-called war all he has to do is to request the USA government to assist the Sri Lankan government to identify the ships carrying arms to Sri Lanka, using sattelite technology.

After all the strength of Prabhakaran is in his arms. He is not a fish in a see of people. These are outmoded theories and Prabhakaran is a ruthless tiger who would use people as a human shield.The moment his suppply of arms is stopped he would be helpless. If Mr. Dhanapala is interested in peace he should use his good offices to make sure that no arms are supplied to Prabhakaran.